If you are looking for a balloon décor, you’ve probably heard of the Toronto balloon arch. But what is a Balloon arch? Do you need one for your event? How big are they? What do they add? These are all very valid questions you should ask before buying a Toronto Balloon décor arch

What is a Toronto Balloon Arch?

Well, if you know what an arch is, it’s a curved symmetrical structure. They are beautiful and impressive and well made of Balloons! Although they aren’t entirely made of balloons, there is support to ensure it doesn’t fall and give the balloons a better shape. A Toronto Balloon arch is perfect for decorating any doorway entrance or even as a backdrop. The great thing about balloon arches is that they come in all sizes and can fit any space. Balloons come in all sorts of sizes, which means so do the arches!

Are There Different Types of Toronto Balloon Arches?

Absolutely, There are half arches, full arches, and organic and classic arches. A Full arch is exactly what you think. Full from one side to another arch. A half arch only goes halfway up and down only one side. Like a candy cane shape. These two arch shapes come in 2 different and distinct styles, Classic and Organic. What is a classic balloon arch? It’s a very uniform arch, typically, most of the balloons are the same size, and the colours are in a nice pattern if not all the same colour. An organic arch is still an arch, but there are usually different-sized balloons put in a fun patterned way or in an organic-looking way. There are almost always different colours to add more depth to the arch.

Which Balloon Arch is for You?

Well, it depends on the event! Business and corporate events prefer a clean, classic look. Uniform colours or even colours to match their brand identity. Weddings also love the classic look of a traditional wedding. Any event with a classical or traditional feel should go for a Classic balloon decor. The organic Balloon arches give a much more relaxed feeling. While it can feel classic and uniform based on the location of placement and colour choice, it’s easy to create a more relaxed and playful environment with an organic Toronto Balloon arch.

So Now that you know what a Toronto balloon arch is, Are you ready to book your next event?