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Balloon artists for balloon garlands, balloon arches, and other event decor, we also provide much more than balloon delivery in Toronto! Our Toronto balloon decor service is top quality as well as our other services, as our goal is not only customer satisfaction but customer event quality.

What Style Balloon Decor is Right for Your Event?

Balloon Arches

Balloon arches are our most popular balloon decor and can be styled as a rainbow arch or full circle.

Balloon Garland/Balloon Clusters

Our balloon half arch decor compliments other decor setups and is popular against a flower wall, marquee letters, white circle backdrop or other decor.

Baby Marquee Letters

Balloon Pillar/Balloon Columns

This Balloon pillar complements other decor setups and is popular against a flower wall, marquee letters or other decors.

Other Event Rentals & Wedding Decor

While our area of expertise is Toronto Ballon Decor & Marquee Letters, we have several other services as well, such as Balloon decor, Flower Walls, Candy Carts, Tent, and Photo Booth rentals! We’re confident in our ability to provide high-quality items for rent that can provide our customers feeling satisfied and excited to have our decor at their event.

Toronto balloon decor and delivery isn’t the only service we provide! Also, we offer Flower Walls, Marquee Decor, Photo booths, Tent Rentals, and more Event Decor for rent! Call us to find the equipment YOU need for a successful event!

Candy Cart

Candy Cart Rentals

Candy cart for rent in Toronto and across the GTA. Sweet cart/Candy cart rental is an excellent way to bring décor to your baby shower or another special event!

3 Plints

3 Plinths Rental

Ladders aren’t the only things that go up, with our Toronto Pedestals rental, your event will go WAY Up.

Champagne Wall

Champagne Wall Rental

Champagne wall Toronto and across GTA for rent for bridal showers and other special occasions. Add a champagne wall rental for your next special event!

Photo Booth

Photo Booth Rental

Presenting our photo booth for rent! Having a photo booth allows your guests to blow off some steam in an appropriate way!

Gold Stonchions

Gold Stanchions Rental

Our gold stanchions for rent are a great way to add barriers to your event decor including on a red carpet.

Projector Screen Rental

120” High Definition Projector and Screen Rental

This is a top-of-the-line Hisense high-definition 120” projector and screen rental. Perfect for parties, corporate events, or weddings.

Chiara Arch Backdrop Wall Rental

Arch Backdrop Wall Rental

Rent Chiara Arch Backdrop Wall Arches for your next event. The Chiara arched backdrops come in many colours.

Garden Green Flower Wall Backdrop Rental

Flower Wall Backdrops Rental

We have a wide selection of flower wall backdrop rental available in the GTA. These flower walls backdrops are ideal for adding a touch of elegance and beauty to any occasion.

White Cherry Blossom Tree

White Cherry Tree Decor

Your Event’s Natural Elegance Introducing our Cherry Blossom Tree Rentals, where nature’s charm meets event sophistication.

Marquee Letters with Lights Rentals

Custom Marquee Letters

We all love the option to be creative, just like how we love to create your ideas with our Toronto Marquee Custom Letters!

Marquee Numbers with Lights

Lights, Camera, Numbers! Toronto Marquee Number lights rental is here!

LOVE Marquee Letters

These love marquee letters are 4 feet tall with lights and will be illuminated beautifully in a dim room.

Heart Marquee Sign

Let us help you express your LOVE with our Toronto marquee LOVE letter rental

Marry Me Marquee Letters

Propose with a beautiful “Marry Me” Toronto Marquee letter rental available for rent!

MR & MRS Marquee Letters

The emphasis you want on the next MR and MRS Toronto marquee decor rental!


Our Toronto balloon decor company is top-rated, offering balloon full arch, balloon garland cluster for a half arch or balloon pillars and balloon columns. We serve our balloon delivery service in Toronto but also in these surrounding areas including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Scarborough, North York, Oshawa, Orillia, Newmarket, Markham, Hamilton, Innisfil, Milton, Barrie, Brockville, Wasaga Beach +more cities in Ontario, Newfoundland, and British Columbia.

Recent Reviews

Raheem Bashir
Raheem Bashir
Balloon Decor Canada specializes in balloon delivery services like balloon arches, balloon garlands/clusters, and balloon pillars/balloon columns. What amazes me even more about this place though is the other services they have like marquee lights, marquee tables, and flower walls, which all work perfectly with their three types of photo booths for rent, and would recommend anyone to take a look at their services.